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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

All you need to know if visiting Swansea Bay or Gower with your Dog courtesy of Visitswanseabay


Beach information for dog-owners

image depicting Dog-friendly beaches on the Gower Peninsula
Dog-friendly beaches on the Gower Peninsula
The Gower Peninsula is a very popular destination for dog-owners, with many of its beaches allowing year-round access for dogs.  These include Rhossili, voted the UK's No. 1 dog-friendly beach by The Times.
The full list of Swansea Bay and Gower beaches which allow year-round access for dogs is as follows:
  1. Swansea Bay from the slip (opposite Victoria Park) to the beach access at Sketty Lane Car Park (opposite the Wales National Pool/Singleton Boating Lake)
  2. Mumbles (as far as the lighthouse)
  3. Pwll Du
  4. Pobbles
  5. Three Cliffs Bay
  6. Tor Bay
  7. Crawley
  8. Oxwich Bay
  9. Horton (from the Lifeguard Station east towards Oxwich)
  10. Port Eynon (from the main steps west to the Salt House)
  11. Mewslade Bay
  12. Rhossili Bay
  13. Llangennith
  14. Broughton Bay, North Gower
  15. Whiteford Sands, North Gower
Seasonal dog ban
There is an annual, five-month access restriction for dogs on some beaches, which means that a small number are off-limits to dogs from May 1st to September 30th each year.  During this period, visitors with dogs are asked to keep to the beaches listed above, which allow year-round access.
Between May 1st and September 30th each year, dogs are not allowed on the following beaches:
  1. Swansea Bay from the River Tawe to the slip (opposite Victoria Park)
  2. Swansea Bay from the beach access at Sketty Lane Car Park (opposite the Wales National Pool/Singleton Boating Lake) to the Northern edge of the slip (opposite the West Cross Inn)
  3. Bracelet Bay, near Mumbles
  4. Limeslade Bay, near Mumbles
  5. Rotherslade Bay, Langland
  6. Langland Bay
  7. Caswell Bay
  8. Port Eynon beach (from the eastern edge of the steps to the eastern edge of Horton beach access)
Please keep your dog on a lead at:
  1. The entire promenade around Swansea Bay (from the River Tawe to the Knab Rock Car Park in Mumbles)
  2. The promenade at Langland Bay and Rotherslade
  3. The promenade at Caswell Bay (including the cliff path)
Any Council officer or Police Officer may require you to remove your dog from the beach. Any offenders may be liable for a fine of up to £500. 
Collars and tags
Dogs in public places must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner attached. If you are holidaying in Swansea, you may find it useful to have a temporary collar for your dog, with your holiday address on it.
Microchipping is not a legal requirement, but it helps the Local Authority contact you if your dog is impounded. If you have lost your dog, please contact City & County of Swansea as soon as possible on 01792 635 600.
Dog fouling
The City & County of Swansea has installed over 400 dog waste disposal bins and, in some areas, poop scoop dispensers. Dog owners who allow their animals to foul, without cleaning up, risk a fixed penalty notice of £75. Please help keep Swansea Bay clean and use the bins provided for your dog.

If you have any queries, contact the City & County of Swansea Environment Department on 01792 635 600, or email evh@swansea.gov.uk.

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