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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Surf Camp At Caswell Bay, Swansea

Lunchtime for these junior academy surfers

Summer surf camp at Caswell Bay, Swansea has been running for over a decade with many happy surfers passing through our surf school. To book your space simply book online or txt us 077 395 361 22
Our junior surf school customers can be seen on the beach with red rash vests having fun and our instructors have white rash vests.
The picture below shows our hut on the Caswell bay promenade opposite the chip shops
Surf school
Caswell beach, Swansea We are surfing everyday of the school holidays and all are welcome simply make sure you book in beforehand either by booking here > junior surfing lessons  Adult learn to surf lessons
Caswell bay surf centre
Please see the following links for information about the day, how to pay etc

One to one surfing lessons
SurfGSD – the British surf company welcomes you to our online surf shop selling surfing gift voucherslearn to surf lessonsstag and hen surfing weekends and surfing holiday packagesincluding cool camping or city hotel breaks. Parents can pay online for our famous Junior Surfing Lessons held at Caswell Bay, Swansea.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

News from Visit Swansea Bay a Ice age carving found in Gower cave

Ice age carving found in Gower cave

It could be Britain's oldest example of rock art

image depicting The speared reindeer
The speared reindeer
An archaeologist believes a wall carving in a south Wales cave could be Britain's oldest example of rock art.
The faint scratchings of a speared reindeer are believed to have been carved by a hunter-gatherer in the Ice Age more than 14,000 years ago.
The archaeologist who found the carving on the Gower peninsula, Dr George Nash, called it "very, very exciting."
Experts are working to verify the discovery, although its exact location is being kept secret for now.
Dr Nash, a part-time academic for Bristol University, made the discovery while at the caves in September 2010.
He told BBC Wales: "It was a strange moment of being in the right place at the right time with the right kit.
"For 20-odd years I have been taking students to this cave and talking about what was going on there.
"They went back to their cars and the bus and I decided to have a little snoop around in the cave as I've never had the chance to do it before.
"Within a couple of minutes I was scrubbing at the back of a very strange and awkward recess and there a very faint image bounced in front of me - I couldn't believe my eyes."
He said that although the characteristics of the reindeer drawing match many found in northern Europe around 4,000-5,000 years later, the discovery of flint tools in the cave in the 1950s could hold the key to the carving's true date.
Its location will be revealed to the public in the future.
Image courtesy of BBC and National Museum of Wales.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A great start to the summer holiday, nice weather and small waves at Caswell bay surfing centre run by GSD

A great start to the summer holiday, nice weather and small waves at Caswell bay surfing centre run by GSD we are easy to spot our staff wear white rash vests and customers wear red rash vests

Gower surfing development
Lovely little waves today for the surf school customers at Caswell beach, Swansea We are surfing everyday of the school holidays and all are welcome simply make sure you book in beforehand either by booking here > junior surfing lessons  Adult learn to surf lessons
Caswell bay surf centre
Please see the following links for information about the day, how to pay etc

One to one surfing lessons

SurfGSD – the British surf company welcomes you to our online surf shop selling surfing gift voucherslearn to surf lessonsstag and hen surfing weekends and surfing holiday packagesincluding cool camping or city hotel breaks. Parents can pay online for our famous Junior Surfing Lessons held at Caswell Bay, Swansea.

Other useful links:

Friday, July 22, 2011

RNLI Lifeguards ready to answer the call on Swansea and Gower beaches

Lifeguards ready to answer the call on Swansea and Gower beaches

Have a great time and enjoy our beaches with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

image depicting Langland Bay, Gower
Langland Bay, Gower
Expert lifeguards from the RNLI will be back patrolling Swansea Bay and Gower beaches this summer.
The popular service that provides safety information, first aid and beach rescues at four of the city's most popular beaches will be on duty for the peak summer weeks, including Caswell Bay, Langland Bay, Bracelet Bay and Horton/Port Eynon Bay. 
Chris Vaughan, RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor, says: 
"The RNLI's aim is to provide a seamless rescue service from the beach to the open sea. The RNLI already has a number of lifeboat stations in the county and volunteer crews will be working closely with lifeguards to achieve our aim.
The RNLI lifeguards had a successful start to the season with no major incidences on the beaches over the Easter holidays. It was great to see that beachgoers were prepared and had taken note of our beach safety advice."
Iwan Davies, Head of Culture, Tourism and Recreation at Swansea Council, said: "We have a responsibility to ensure that the thousands of visitors that flock to our beaches every year have a great time and enjoy what is on offer.
And this is why we are working with the RNLI to ensure local people and visitors alike have the security of knowing highly-trained lifeguards are on hand to prevent problems before they start as well as carry out rescues as required."
Find out more about Gower beaches.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why is Gower so special? Here is the answer with thanks to www.visitswanseabay.com

Why is Gower so special?

Gower was designated in 1956 as the UK's first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

image depicting Early Purple Orchid, Gower Peninsula
Early Purple Orchid, Gower Peninsula
The Gower Peninsula covers 188 sq km and was selected as the first AONB for its classic coastline (much of it is Heritage Coast) and its outstanding natural environment (33% is National Nature Reserve or a Site of Special Scientific Interest).

The Peninsula's richly varied natural environment is renowned for its heathland, limestone grassland, fresh- and salt-water marshes, dunes and oak woodlands. Its mixed geology has given rise to a wide variety of scenery in a relatively small landscape area.  Dramatic limestone cliffs, interspersed with sandy beaches and rocky shores, dominate its southern coast. In the north, the coast is low-lying with extensive salt marshes and dune systems.

There are at least 1200 archaeological sites in the AONB of different periods and types. These include caves, Iron Age forts, medieval castles, churches, a lighthouse and 19th Century parks. 73 of these are of national importance, with 124 listed buildings.

The western part of the AONB is included in the Register of Landscapes of Outstanding Historic Interest in Wales, for the rich evidence of a long sequence of land use and occupation from the prehistoric to industrial periods.  This includes Iron Age forts and a surviving medieval open field system (known as the Vile, near Rhossili).

Did you know?
  • Gower has over 30 miles of beautiful coastline and 50 beaches, many with awards (Gower has some of the cleanest waters in the UK).
  • Worms Head at Rhossili (the westernmost point of Gower) is a mile-long Peninsula reputed to be the 7th most photographed sunset in the World

News from visitswanseabay is that Rhossili Bay is amongst Britain's 20 Best Beaches, says The Telegraph

Rhossili amongst Britain's 20 Best Beaches, says The Telegraph

Planning to spend the summer close to home? Then pencil in at least one day-trip to Rhossili Bay, Gower

image depicting Rhossili Bay, Gower Peninsula
Rhossili Bay, Gower Peninsula
Joanna Symons, from The Telegraph, highlighted Rhossili Bay, Gower, as one of her favourite spots in Britain.
She says: "The Worm's Head promontory marks the beginning of this four-mile stretch of golden sand. Set at the western tip of the peninsula, it bears the full might of Atlantic swells, and is popular with surfers, walkers and paragliders."
Access to the beach is a moderate walk down the cliff path. Once on the beach, look out for the hull of the Helvetia, wrecked on the beach in 1887. There can be strong undertows when the surf is high.
Read the full article on The Telegraph's website.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In Swansea City? Then be part of the LC Open Weekend 2011

22 Jul 2011 (11:00) - 24 Jul 2011 (20:00)

image 1
All weekend we will be celebrating all things sporting! There will be parties, games and competitions for the whole family to enjoy. You can take part in any of the activities for free, just come along to the LC and make sure you bring plenty of sporting spirit with you.
Below is a programme of all the events that will take place, why not give our reception team a call on 01792 466500 to book your place?
Friday 22nd July
11am-1pm: Pre-School Athletics Party : Games, competitions and sporting spirit for the little ones!
2pm-4pm: Primary School Athletics Party: Get the holidays started with a sporting party!
Saturday 23rd July
12pm: Field Events: Try your hand at the javelin, shot-put and discus.
1.15pm: Track Events: Compete against other families in traditional races.
2.30pm: Family Heptathlon: Take on the challenge of 7 different sporting activities.
3.45pm: Family Racquet Sports: Who’s the best sport person in your family?
Sunday 24th July
12pm: Family Racquet Sports: Tennis, badminton and table tennis– which is your game?
1.15pm: Reaction Sports: Compete against the LC Batak Board to get the highest score.
2:30pm: Family Heptathlon: Take on the challenge of 7 different sporting activities.
5pm: Kids Go Free Sundays in the waterpark: Why not finish the day with a session in the LC waterpark. (One free child with every paying adult)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hen do surfing weekends in Swansea or Newquay in Cornwall with SurfGSD

Hen do surfing Swansea, South West Wales or Newquay in Cornwall with SurfGSD

Learn to surf or improve your surfing skills on your last weekend of freedom/ Hen do weekend.
We are a popular surf school offering surfing lessons to hens in Swansea and Newquay. We can help provide information with where to stay, eat and even party!
We can help you with places to stay, advice on places to eat and party which will make your visit more fun.

Once you have booked your surfing sessions all you need do is txt or tweet us, follow surfgsd on twitter, surfing tweets, 4 days beforehand to arrange meeting up.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Visit LC Swansea & get ahead of the rest

Get Ahead of the Rest

6 Jul 2011
Girls underwaterThe LC is opening early this summer and you’re invited to come along and beat the holiday crowds in the best waterpark in Wales! Join us all day in the waterpark from the 11th July where the waves will be wild, the slides superb and Volcano Bay will be explosive!
So what are you waiting for? With something for all the family come down to the LC and start making those summer holiday memories with us now!
Why not be prepared and click here to pre-book your ticket or call our reception team on 01792 466500

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why half an hour in the Ocean surfing is better for you than two hours in the gym by Marianne Curphey

Sunset surfer just one more wave
Picture above: Marianne Curphey, just one more wave
My life changed for ever on a beach in south west Sri Lanka. In between sipping coconut water and working on my tan, I watched a group of surfers ride perfect A-frame peaks with a combination of raw physical power and athletic grace. They would watch the wave, turn around, and with a few deft strokes be up on their feet and riding. It looked like fun.

A couple of months later I was standing on a beach in Wales with an enormous yellow soft surfboard and a hired wetsuit. Those guys had made it all look too easy. My instructor tried his best to conceal his shock at my appalling lack of fitness, but several years of living the lifestyle of a London hack had left me in pathetic shape. The morning after my first surf lesson I could barely drag myself out of bed. Muscles I never knew existed in my body were screaming in protest. Everything ached. And I had to get my wetsuit on and try all over again.

I’d like to say I stood up on my first wave, but it was months before I got the hang of scrambling to my feet on the board. But that weekend in Wales altered everything. I returned to London determined to get fit, learn to surf properly, and start swimming again. The incredible buzz of being in the sea, feeling the adrenalin rush of riding my board to shore, and the sensation of being totally exhausted but happy at the same time was new and exciting. In the years that followed I travelled the world, surfed beach-breaks alone in New Zealand, dodged the crowds in Indonesia, was shouted off waves in the Canary Islands, and explored the coastlines of Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal.

So this is why I surf:
  1. Fitness: surfing is an incredible total body work-out. It targets your abdominal muscles, tones your back, shoulders and legs, sharpens your reactions, and improves your balance. You’re having so much fun, though, that it doesn’t really feel like traditional exercise. It can also be meditative - a mental break from the pressures of life, just you and the sea. Your feet, which you have rudely shoved into work shoes all week, suddenly have a taste of freedom – your toes spread, you can feel the soles stretching and softening, and you have the sweet sensation of bare feet on wet sand.
  2. Camaraderie: there is no better way to spend an afternoon than hooting a bunch of your best mates into great waves, and then watching them paddle back out with a big smile on their faces. Except, perhaps, bagging the best wave of the day yourself.
  3. Travel: surfers travel to find the best waves around the globe. As a result you will meet amazing people, discover some breathtakingly beautiful beaches, surf fantastic waves, stay in some dodgy guesthouses, maybe share buses with chickens and pigs, and blag your way out of trouble. I’d swap a five-star spa for a surf beach anytime. All you need is your board and a taste for adventure.
  4. Adrenalin: surfers call it “stoke” and it’s the buzz you get from paddling into a wave, jumping to your feet and then responding instinctively as the wave moves and unfolds down the line. Sometimes it’s a mellow session in gentle waves; sometimes you’re paddling out with a dry mouth and a pounding heart, repeating your favourite confidence-boosting mantra to yourself under your breath. Surfing challenges you mentally as well as physically. But nothing really compares to that feeling when you catch a wave. Nothing.
  5. Freedom: if you get up early enough in midsummer you can paddle out into a sea the colour and consistency of quicksilver and sit alone beneath a lightening sky. When it is calm and glassy the waves seem to undulate, rather than break. Just for a while, before everyone else wakes up, it feels like the world belongs to you, and you alone. Everyone should experience that at least once in their life.

Marianne Curphey is a freelance journalist and former staff travel writer for The Times. Her weekly blog is atwww.wageslavesescape.com/blog/

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Surfing Development At Caswell Bay, Swansea book online www.shopgsd.com or txt last minute 077 395 361 22

The start of great things
It all starts with that first taste of fun, and from there on it dictates your life choices, such as places to live, places to go to university, holidays, even down to attending events if the surf is good you will be doing your best to avoid.
It sounds negative, but let me tell you it's a hell of a lot of fun and the young surfer above is just about to embrace the ride and enjoy the glide.
Book online and become a surfer for life > Surf lessons  or txt last minute > 077 395 361 22
Caswell bay surfing swansea

Approved GB surfing school  SurfGSD is a member of the GB Surfing school scheme and also on the Approved Outdoor activity providers list for the City and County of Swansea and many other Local Authorities. We have the necessary Public Liability insurance required by councils and all our surf coaches are qualified lifeguards, BSA surf coaches along with having CRB enhanced checks.
Information for the press/media
We welcome journalists from all sectors of the media to come and have a taste of the surfing experience.We hope that like most of our customers you will become a surf addict too and help us spread the 'surfing for everyone 'message and in turn play our part helping young people and others increase their social opportunities.
We have been fortunate enough to have worked with HTV, BBC, LWT, S4C and various cable stations. Recently Jamie Owen from BBC TV Wales took to the water with us and in the same period we organised a surfing experience day for Extreme TV and Boomerang to film. The latter being held in Welsh Medium as we do offer surfing course in Welsh medium too.
We have been featured in all the quality papers including;  The Guardian, Telegraph, The Times, The Financial Times, The Observer, The Independant and also the Sunday Mirror.
We offer journalists advice, information  and specialist knowledge in surfing related areas including, surf events, big wave riding, water safety, beach management.
Here is a ten minute, surfing information video which was produced for Dr Ian Jenkins, Faculty of Leisure and Tourism based at Swansea Institute of Higher Education. It was used as a promotional tool at the Gower and Swansea Surfing exhibition held for three months at Swansea Museum, South West Wales. Also featured in the video is Gower surf legend PJ (Pete Jones) and Gower Surfing Development (Surf GSD). Click on following link for the Gower surfing video on youtube > Gower surfing video

Friday, July 8, 2011

Gower Festival 16-30 July

Gower Festival

16 - 30 July 2011, Gower Peninsula, Swansea

image depicting Gower Festival - St Mary's Church in Rhossili
Gower Festival - St Mary's Church in Rhossili

The Gower Festival is a very special blend of wonderful music, beautiful churches and summer evenings.
And it is truly international! We took a look at the places where this year's artists have been performing... We found places such as the Trasimeno Festival in Italy, the Davos Festival in Switzerland, the Eilat Festival ... not to mention the Cheltenham Festival and BBC Proms. We found that St Cenydd, Llangennith features alongside the Musee d'Orsay in France, the Novosibirik Opera House as well as the Carnegie Hall, the Wigmore Hall, and the Cadogan Hall.
Wouldn't it be nice to travel to all these places? But you don't have to ... the artists are coming here, to Gower.

Every year for two weeks the Gower Festival brings the very best in music to the Gower churches.

Most of the concerts are small and intimate - performances by soloists, quartets and trios, but there are also larger concerts in the bigger churches.

Part of the Swansea Bay Summer Festival.
To view the full programme, click here.
16 - 30 July 2011
Most concerts 7:30pm (ring to confirm)
Available from Swansea Grand Theatre's Box Office: 01792 475715
Venue Details / Address
Various churches around Gower
Event Organiser
Gower Festival

LC Swansea number one attraction in Wales again here is some more information

Pool & Slides

NEW!! Volcano Bay: Slip past the serpents that shoot water into the wave pool and walk through the wall of water to find a slide in a volcano! But beware...the volcano is active...smoke and lasers will fill the waterpark when the volcano erupts! Check out the videohere!
The Masterblaster: The ultimate white-knuckle rollercoaster waterslide that propels riders at high speed up steep inclines and down great dips on a rubber ring.
The Lazy River: A winding river that carries swimmers along to the wave pool.
Interactive pool: Perfect for younger children fully equipped with mini slide, tipping buckets and fountains.
Plus… the aqua slide, the aqua tube, the wave pool, the whirlpool and the LC lagoon!
If all this wasn’t enough you might be lucky enough to spot the LC’s very own Tommy the Turtle who loves splashing around in the waterpark! Visit Tommy and download cool Tommy games at Tommy Time!
We welcome groups of all sizes to the LC waterpark and offer discounts to large groups looking to visit. Check out our Group Booking Information now!
During the day the LC runs swimming lessons. Tommy's Tiddlers 1, 2 and 3 are for 0 - 3 years and the LC Ducklings are for 3 to 4 years. The lessons are designed to introduce your baby to the water and gradually build confidence and work on the basic swimming strokes. We also run lessons that follow the ASA national swim plan for those who are a bit more confident in the water.Check out our Activities page to find out more!
Opening Times & Prices
Monday – Friday: 4.00pm – 9.00pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9.00am – 8.00pm
School and Bank Holidays:
Monday – Sunday: 9.00am – 8.00pm
Local school inset days: 11.00am – 7.00pm
Adults: £7 (£6 for Swansea Resident card holders)
Children (4-15yrs): £4
Children (3 & under): FREE
Senior Citizens/PTL card holders: £3
Students: £4 (with valid student I.D.)
(The Waterpark experience is a 2 hour session)
(Tesco Clubcard Deal Vouchers accepted – Get your deal vouchers here)
Pre-book your visit by calling 01792 466500 (opt.1 then opt 6)
Please note: During off-peak periods the slides will be open in rotation, so you will get to have a go on each slide every fifteen minutes!
More Information
There is a 1.1 metre minimum height restriction on all waterslides.
Pool Rules:
Children must be supervised according to the following adult/child ratios:
Children aged 3 and under need one adult to supervise one child.
Children aged 4-7 need one adult to supervise two children.
Children aged 8 + are able to use the pool unaccompanied however any child who is not a confident swimmer must be supervised in the water at all times regardless of age.
Under 2’s must wear a swim nappy.
Goggles, swim wear, towels, arm bands and other pool accessories can be bought from the LC Shop based in the main reception area. (Alternatively visit our Online Shop)